Welcome Valentine's Day!

Looking forward to this day, these are some of the Valentina's Jewels gifts that we propose.

Our Love bracelet is a safe bet and more if you accompany it with a beautiful declaration of love. We give you two possibilities:

"I perceive something new inside me ... something ardent, incredible, magical and romantic: you".

"It's hard for everyone not to love you simply by looking at you. But to really love you to the point of despair, only me."

What has been the most beautiful declaration of love in your life?

If you do not want to fall in Love you can be more original by giving away our Tourmaline rings from the Natural Stone Collection. Tourmaline strengthens the sense of smell, and in that sense, can also improve the perception of pheromones that produces an aphrodisiac effect.

But if you want to be truly romantic, I recommend our Ocean Collection with its rings or starfish. The starfish, like the pentacle star, has 5 points, being a natural pentagram that brings us nature. It is a magical and powerful animal. Having a starfish gives luck in what you set out to do. The starfish is an ideal totem to start new projects.

We hope that with Valentina's Jewels by your side every day of the year is Valentine's Day.

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