Starfish Necklace
Starfish Necklace
Starfish Necklace
Starfish Necklace

Starfish Necklace

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Gold Plated 24 kt. Pendant starfish 19 mm. Chain of 45 cm. 

The Ocean Collection is inspired in the deep rocky Menorca sea bottom. The founder of Valentina´s Jewels installs during summer in the Balearic Islands in Spain. Year after year new sources of inspiration come up from the sea.

The Starfish Necklace is a new jewel that will illuminate your skin. You could also buy our Starfish Earrings.

They have a beautiful finish on both sides, so you can use them on the front and back to match the starfish necklace. The starfish, like the pentacle star, has 5 points, being a natural pentagram that brings us nature. It is a magical and powerful animal.

Having a starfish gives luck in what you set out to do. The starfish is an ideal totem to start new projects.



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